Reducing the number of Debris in KSP

After having a single game file I had used for months and months in KSP I had build up a significant amount of space debris from hundreds and hundreds of launches

While large scale I have been trying to ensure that debris fall back to kerbin the pure number (and difficulty due to size or distance of payload) really left me with quite a mess

I suspected the size of the game file was causing me crashes due memory issues as well (it appears I was right in that case so far)

There are two manual ways to delete debris that I know of

  1. In the tracking station select the debris image and you can walk through each piece one by one and recover or terminate
  2. Manually edit the persistant.sfs to get rid of those devices

Both were time intensive for the quantity I ran across the recommendation in the menu to lower the Max Persistant Debris setting in the game options menu


MaxPersistant Debris

It is set to a default of 250 items I turned mine down to 25 this will clean up any non pilot-able bit of debris (or something you mark as debris) based on the number you set

For me this cut my save file in half and stopped the crashing I was seeing between moving in and out of the space center

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KSP Interstellar Mod Plasma thruster continuously thrusting

Quick one after the update (from 9.2 to 10.0.3) of KSP interstellar I was having a weird problem (which I unfortunately did not get a good screenshot of)

The plasma thruster would continuously fire even though the engine was not activated, in fact it would fire with no power whatsoever even when the only parts are a thruster and a capsule

I think this was a result of me copying over the folder structure in gamedata and replacing rather than deleting the directory first.

I re-installed the plugin completely removing and re-installing all directories and it works perfect

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Vyatta router from home

This is a republish off my old blog … the old files are going away due to a change in hosts so please update links if you have any




I struggled with this quite a bit the first time around finding a source of information to configure Vyatta’s router solution just because examples are hard to find (not that there are any problems with it) so here is the configuration and examples that I had, I left IP addresses in there for examples but they may have to be changed depending on your home network setup

Before entering the below commands you have to be in configure mode and after commit them to memory (the commits are in there but will not put the configure in as you could do it all in one or multipule configure sessions)

Configure Outside interface for DHCP (eth0 is my outside interface)

dhclient eth0

Configure inside interface with static IP address (eth1 is my inside interface)

set interfaces ethernet eth1 address

Configure DHCP server for the internal network (note because of line wrap this looks funny but “set service” is the start of a new line that continues all the way to the next set service. One per line)

set service dhcp-server shared-network-name LAN subnet start
set service dhcp-server shared-network-name LAN subnet start stop
set service dhcp-server shared-network-name LAN subnet dns-server
set service dhcp-server shared-network-name LAN subnet default-router

This toruns on the dhcp server for the network and starts handing out IP addresses at 10 and stops at 50 I also set my outside DNS server as handed out by DHCP and the default router handed out

Set NAT (genaric rule to enable nat)

set service nat rule 1 outbound-interface eth0
set service nat rule 1 source address
set service nat rule 1 type masquerade

Forwarding SSH (creates a rule to forward ssh from any source to any destination that comes to the outside interface eth0 , this is because I have a dynamic IP address externaly so setting the destination is not useful and do not know the IP that I will be coming from) This acts like “port forwarding” in home routers

set service nat rule 2
set service nat rule 2 type destination
set service nat rule 2 inbound-interface eth0
set service nat rule 2 protocol tcp
set service nat rule 2 destination address
set service nat rule 2 destination port ssh
set service nat rule 2 source address
set service nat rule 2 inside-address address

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Windows 8 Edge swipe/pull behavior with synaptic driver

This is a re-publishing of my old post


I have a lenovo x220 on which I have been running windows 8 for several weeks now overall its been a pretty good experience for me. Just recently I installed to synaptic driver to help with some weird mouse sensitivity issues I have been having. while it appears that it has helped resolve that issue it added a new one for me

Windows 8 edge swipe behavior, where for example if you swipe from the left edge in it will rotate through open applications or for me the more annoying the right edge swipe bringing up the action menu.

With the x220 this was annoying while I like the form factor the mouse pad is much too small for me to only used the very center of the pad.

Thankfully this is very easy to disable simply open up the windows registry editor and navigate to


From in there simply navigate to the “Left Edge Pull” “Right Edge Pull or “Top Edge Pull” sub directories (whichever is annoying you) and modify the Action Type dword to 0 which will disable this compleatly

It is in these same places you can modify the swipe zone size as well if desired (I did not do this I simply disabled)

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New Blog – Why?

I actually posted the KSP post before I had a chance to write this

New Blog? Why?

Well simply a snafu on both my part as well as some frustrating behavior on part of my hoster. For years I had been using this particular economically attractive hosting provider for my website (I think sense 2005 or 2006) unfortunately the card that I used  to subscribe to that service expired

Unfortunately that meant with this provider that not only was service discontinued but they had deleted all my content, years worth of blogging and other work gone

The ultimate fault was mine for not thinking about updating my billing information and from missing the email(s) warning me but it did inspire me to make a change . Before going with this provider I had always rolled my own Linux servers, I have worked in the business for years  and prefer that. I had gone the economic shared server model due to ease at the time not wanting to pay for unfiltered and static IP addresses at my home it made sense

Now with services like Amazon’s EC2 available for reasonable prices for a small content site like mine I rolled my own on their platform

So far so good and I am also excited as I have my own server I can implement more full featured backup and recovery methods to ensure I never lose my data

Feels good man!

Unfortunately having lost access to my data I will be using other means to copy my old content back, it will be in new locations and possibly missing some graphics until I re-create


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Kerbal Space Program – How to clone a game

After restarting my blog (from a much more IT focused blog) I decided I wanted to write about other things I am passionate on, one of those things is KSP

After spending months playing this game I have been both amazed by the community and wanting to contribute in my way, one of those ways I can help is by covering quick howto’s which personally I have struggled with finding out there on the internet

First Quick Tip how to make a copy of a game

There are many reasons to do this in this particular case I wanted to test out parts for a new plugin as I have had problems with previous versions. I also wanted to do it in a way that would ensure that I did not have parts from this plugin out on my main game in-case I had the same crashing bugs I encountered last time I tried to use it.

I also wanted to do it accurately where I was in my tech tree and if it went good copy it back over my old game file

Pretty simple one here ,simply copy the save file (it will be in your installation directory/saves) the screen shot below is accurate for a steam installation.




After that browse into your new folder and edit the persistent.sfs file to match the new folder name, this can be done with any text editor.



There you go!


Hopefully I will bring some more of these as I run across them

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